Featured in: 2008 Advertising Annual

Truth anti-smoking TV commercials

"Puppet" :60


(Open on Derrick putting on a furry, puppet-style costume in back of a van. As he gets ready, he speaks in voiceover)

Super: Truth presents Whudafxup with puppets?

Derrick (VO): As long ago as 1969, a tobacco company executive agreed to avoid advertising directed to young people. Yet ten years later, they supplied their products to be featured in The Muppet Movie.

Derrick (VO): Let's see who this guy really appeals to, shall we?

(Derrick walks up to adults on the street)

Derrick: Can I ask you a quick question?

(Woman ignores him and keeps walking)

Derrick: Do you find me cute? Entertaining?

(Man ignores him and keeps walking)

Derrick: Quick question, super fastÉ

(Man walks past him in a hurry)

Derrick: Would you watch a Hollywood movie if I was in it?

(Woman shakes her head no)

Derrick: How 'bout thisÉdo you find me cute?

Police Officer: You gotta leave the park, this is private property.

(Cut to our sad purple guy walking into a park. Out of nowhere, kids are all over him and he happily hops along, laughing and playing with them)

Derrick: What's your name? Hi! Hey how are you? Hi (laughing) Do you guys like me? Yes? Yeah!

(Cut back to Derrick. He now has his puppet head off)

Derrick: Well, it looks like this kind of thing appeals to kids more than adults, soÉ

Fade Up: Whudafxup logo/A truthfilm productionTM/whudafxup.com



Nike TV commercial

"Leave Nothing" :60


Music: Instrumental music during the spot.

(Open on football stadium. Play begins. Player action throughout spot, with grunts punctuating hits on the field. Chargers have the ball initially and run to the left. Then a Ram player takes the ball, runs right and drags many Charger players toward the goal as the referee stands at the goal. Cut to black)

Super: Leave nothing.

Blackboard: White Nike swoosh logo on black.

Super: nikefootball.com




VO – voice over

Anncr – anchor

Sfx – sound effects

Spfx – special effects

Music – music

Super – super: type or image appears in front of the picture

Blackboard – blackboard: type or image on black background