Your final portfolio must include the following items:
(Unless otherwise approved by Prof. Erdeljon)

1.     logo and application - not used in any other assignment or campaign
2.     website
3.     multi-page brochure
4.     poster
5.     print advertisement
6.     magazine cover and spread(s)
7.     integrated marketing campaign
8.     promotional campaign - to be designed in Sr Portfolio
9.     "real world" actual client designed piece
Thumbnails, and roughs for any project

Plus at least one or more of the following:

1.     Performance Media campaign
2.     Studio III way finding or branding
3.     video production
4.     3-D graphic piece
5.     Art of the Book II project
6.     additional Web site(s)
7.     additional “real world” client designed project(s)
8.     Photographs and or illustrations