Improving your use of typography

through the study of good typography

COLLECT REALLY GREAT EXAMPLES OF TYPOGRAPHY TO STUDY! Choose from all types of design: posters, CDs, ads, brochures, Websites, magazine and book covers and spreads, packaging…


A. For each sample identify following typographic elements:

1. Headline or Display type

2. Subheads

3. Secondary or paragraph heads

4. Tertiary heads

5. Text or body copy

6. Captions

7. Type elements used for:

         Call outs

         Pull quotes



B. For each typographic element determine:

1. Characteristics of font:

sanserif, serif, cupped serif, blocked serif, script...

2. Type family: Garamond, Futura ... a unique display face...

3. Type style: bold, medium, lite, italic, condensed, expanded...

4. Point size

5. Use of caps, u&lc, small caps...

6. Alignment flush left or flush right, justified, centered, asymmetric

7. Measure - line widths in picas and or number of characters


C. Write it down on a separate piece of paper or on a copy of the sample


D. Look for sample designs at that use the same types of fonts and relative sizes as your samples.