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Self-Promotional Campaign

Purpose: to get an interview. You  want an opportunity to show your portfolio (your samples) and an opportunity to meet them.


  • Always changing to include your latest work
  • Preparation does not need an excessive amount of time
  • Does not have to be elaborate
  • Don’t burry your work with too many gimmicks or to elaborate of a  design
  • Have a little catch, theme,
  • Have an information point:
    • Play on your name:
    • Work Ethic
  • Cultural background
  • Or use a distinctive style for a logotype


A) Develop

1.     Lead list — call to qualify your lead contacts

2.     Letterhead

3.     Envelope, box, or packaging

4.     Business Card

5.     Resume — functional

6.     Cover letter

7.     Reply card

8.     3-D object (optional)

9.     Portfolio

                        Web version – (Flash is optional)

                        Printed version

10.  Leave Behind/Follow up


B.) Implement

  1. Mail your stuff (traditional or electronic)
  2. Follow up call — Call shortly after they should receive
  3. Interview
  4. Portfolio Presentation
  5. Leave Behind


Business Card

Flyer —Not bigger then 8.5 x 11 (Optional for this class)

  1. Thank you (Can do e-mail but do hard copy as well)
  2. Follow-up — Contact again  (phone or email)