Style of your layout determines
the tone of your layout in
the readers mind

4 principals of design

Work progressively by trying many versions of each of your layouts

Research extensively

Look for inspiration every where


Layout Design Decisions

1. Organization – information being conveyed

    1. Prioritize copy points
    2. Sequence of message units

2. Correspondence– style of visuals, type and layout

    1. Match subject matter
    2. Appeal to audience within clients taste or design standards

3. Grab readers attention

    1. Choose dominate visual element i.e. visual, headline, graphic
    2. Establish initial audience mind set i.e. urgent, humorous, serious...

4. Eye flow– determine direction

    1. Contrast between visual elements
    2. Grouping message units and visual elements
    3. Alignment of visual elements in relationship to overall page

5. Comprehension – assure entire message is read and understandable

        1. Balance – size and placement of message units
        2. Legibility– design characteristics of fonts being used
        3. Readability – how you choose to use fonts i.e. point size, kerning, leading, alignment