Research extensively

  • Audience's visual vocabulary
  • Competition
  • Current Design Annuals
  • Past Ads by this Organization

Work progressively by trying
many versions of each of your designs

Mix and match your visual
ideas and headlines

style = tone


Designing Advertisements

Determine a Unique Selling Point (USP)
Focus on something that separates the
product or service from the competition.
Focus on a unique value to the audience,

Never use a picture of a headline

When Designing Posters

Have large type that can be read from the expected viewing distance

Select a few key elements form type and visual for quick understanding of the message by the viewer

Include date, time and place

Have one dominate element either Headline or visual

Emphasize most import message by size and color

Visuals should be relevant to topic and audience

Arrange type and visuals in logical sequence

Use bright bold colors

Visuals are Critical

Action impelling

Understandable at a glance

Unusual or tightly cropped

Unique style: cartoon, graphic conversions, close up or action photo...

Visual metaphor

Audience and topic relevant