Research extensively

Look for inspiration every where: attend a concert, read a novel, visit an art gallery, the cracks in a sidewalk...

Work progressively by trying many versions of each of your designs

style = tone


Concept Process

1. Create lists of free associated items for:

    1. Topic i.e. careers
    2. Primary audience i.e. students (the attendees)
    3. Secondary audience i.e. the presenters
    4. Client i.e. Marymount and the Career Counseling Center

2. Create lists visuals for each item in each list

3. Choose groups of items using one item from each list

4. Prepare roughs

    1. Combining the selected items
    2. experiment with different stylistic approaches
    3. Include version for each design methodology (approach)
      ........i.e. pictorial, abstract, compound logos