Research extensively

  • Audience's visual vocabulary
  • Competition
  • Current Design Annuals
  • Past Ads by this Organization

Work progressively by trying
many versions of each of your designs

Mix and match your visual
ideas and headlines

style = tone


Designing Advertisements


Determine a Unique Selling Point (USP)
Focus on something that separates the
product or service from the competition.
Focus on a unique value to the audience,

Never use a picture of a headline


Ways to Visualize Ads

·      show product itself

·      show part of the product

·      show product ready for use

·      show product in use

·      show product being tested

·      show differentiating features of a
       product (style, uniqueness, etc.)

·      consumer reward for using product

·      effect of not using product

·      testimonials


Headlines are Critical

·               specific and to the point

·               understandable at a glance

·               process of reward should be included

·               avoid clichés

·               action impelling

·               immediate action