Job searching: The golden 50


1.    Create a list of 50 individuals and their contact information that have the potential of hiring you based on:

1.    Geographic locations/regions you wish to work in

2.    Topics you are passionate about e.g. technology, sports, fashion, health, helping others etc.

3.    Type of designing you enjoy most – find most challenging e.g. web & social media design, advertising, public relations, branding, publication design, exhibit design, promotional design, video production, etc.

2.    Contact list sources:

1.    Professional directories e.g.: publishers, ad agencies, PR firms, corporate communication, institutions – hospitals, universities etc. For example

2.    Trade and professional associations

3.    Job boards: Local AIGA, Ad Club, etc. For example AIGA job board and sites like Authentic Jobs, Behance, Design Observer, or Krop Job board search topics: graphic design(er), communication design(er), Media communications, web design(er), electronic publishing, etc.

4.    Networking – classmates, friends, family, associates and strangers

3.    Contact each prospective individual on a regular bases that can potentially hire you. Stand out creatively, empathetically, insightfully – do your homework/research!

4.    Suggested reading: