GD405 Senior Portfolio




Be polite

Remember to thank them for their time

Choose someone because you like the style of their work or the type of work

Interview a senior designer, art director or creative director

Typical job titles:
• Art Director
• Senior Graphic Designer
• Creative Director
• Principal of Graphic Design Studio
• Director of Graphic Services
• Director of Creative Services
• Web Designer
• Multimedia designer
• Others

The Interview can be:
• In person
• By Phone
• On-line

1. Get samples. (Can be from the web or actual pieces.)
2. Ask the Following Questions

1. How did get you current position?

2. What do you like most about your job?

3. What is your daily routine comprised of and what are the biggest challenges?
And how do you deal with difficult clients?

4. Where do you get your motivation and inspiration?

5. What changes do you anticipate in your field in the next few years

6. What advice can you give someone entering the field?

a. What qualities do you look for in an entry-level person?

b. What do you look for in an entry-level portfolio?

Links to designers that can be interviewed for Sr. Portfolio assignment. There are many more if you look around the Web and printed directories. Prof. Erdeljon