CMD400 Internship


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PURPOSE OF COURSE Senior students may register for a field experience or an internship in a cooperating research or media communication agency in the Washington metropolitan area under the supervision of an instructor. Prerequisites: senior status and permission of the dean of School of Design, Arts, and Humanities. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: EXP

The internship is monitored by a supervising faculty member (your academic advisor) and a representative from the internship site (your supervisor). Internship provides a structured real-world experience in a firm or organization in the Greater Washington area. Current internship listings from a variety of internship sites are maintained in the Career and Internship Center.

Media Design and Graphic Design students are encouraged to seek an internship that matches their career aspirations upon graduation. Alternatively, they may use the internship opportunity to explore new venues.

Prerequsites for CMD400 Internship:
Senior status in Graphic & Media Design, Media Design or Graphic Design
major - completion of CMD360 required and completion of Senior Portfolio is recommended
2. A minimum grade point average of 2.0.
3. Completion of 90 credits toward baccalaureate degree requirements
4. Recommendation of the faculty advisor.
5. An interview that culminates in a signed agreement with an organization
approved by the faculty advisor and Associate Dean of Design, Arts, and Humanities. Link to online internship registration and evaluation

How to registering for GMD400 Internship:
1. Meet with your Academic Internship Mentor/Advisor (AIM). This faculty member ultimately approves your internship, so it is in your best interest to prepare them for what the information they are about to review.

2. Contact your internship site. Your internship supervisor will also need to approve your internship and agree that you will be their intern for the next semester. Be sure to give this person a heads-up that they will receive an email from Marymount requesting their approval.

3. Login to jobs4Saints account. Click on “Reporting a Professional Internship” on the left-hand side of the screen. Follow the steps and hit submit. A detailed guide of this process can be found here.

4. Once your internship has been approved by your AIM and the school, you will be automatically enrolled in your GMD 400 Internship for 3 credits (GD majors for 6 credits). Please note that successful completion of the internship course requires that you turn in all completed assignments required by your AIM

GMD400 Internship course assignments and requirements:
in order to receive a final grade
. Completion of 240 hours for three credits as scheduled by the employer;
2. Submission of a daily time sheet for hours you work on the days at your internship.
3. Submission to the faculty advisor of a reflective essay of experiences gained and a personal performance analysis Link to Reflective Essay Assignment
4. Samples of your internship work - links, online docs. or printed copies are acceptable
5. A satisfactory internship supervisor's evaluation form submitted online to your jobs4saints internship
6. A completed student self-evaluation of Internship form submitted online to your jobs4saints internship:
7. At least two individual meetings (faculty supervisor and student),
8. One meeting between the faculty supervisor, the on-site supervisor and the student (in person or remotely)

University Internship registration policy:
Students are registered for their internship only after receiving permission from their department and school.

You may add an internship up until the last day to late register for or add a class in the fall, spring, or summer semesters (summer session II). You must have met all prerequisites, secured the internship position, confirmed your work schedule with your site supervisor, and completed an internship agreement form prior to registration.

The student and his or her academic internship mentor/faculty advisor must agree upon and document the credit value of the field experience, depending on the nature of the academic component and the number of hours required for the work component. Academic departments may have additional requirements so check with your academic internship mentor (AIM)/faculty advisor.

You must submit a completed Internship Agreement Form online at jobs4Saints prior to the last day to add a class. The form is then approved by your academic department and/or school. Once all approvals are submitted, you will be automatically registered for your internship course.

Occasionally, the approval process may take longer due to internship site-specific requirements such as a background check. In such cases, the internship form should still be submitted prior to the last day to add classes with approvals pending. If the form is not submitted by the deadline, students will not be allowed to register for an internship course in that semester and will have to wait for the next academic term.

In rare cases, exceptions to the above policy may be made when circumstances warrant. These exceptions can only be granted by the Associate Dean of each School in consultation with the Associate Vice Provost of Academic Affairs. Typical exceptions may include, but are not limited to: a student in his/her final semester (i.e. needs internship credit to graduate) or a student has extenuating financial circumstances. Exceptions can only be made PRIOR to University census (October 1 for Fall semester, 5th Friday of the term for Spring semester).